How to make a tile-free bathroom

When you think about the bathroom, you probably think of a wall that looks like a table.That’s what we’re using in our tile-filled bathroom.But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be perfect.You might not be able to find the perfect tile for your room.The tiles used in our bathroom are water-resistant ceramic tiles that can […]

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Bitcoin mining machines for DIY enthusiasts

I was able to get an old pair of vintage ceramic tiles to be used as a wallpaper.A lot of the other stuff I’ve seen is all over the place.In the interest of full disclosure, I bought these for $8 at an antiques store, which was pretty cool.The tiles are made of a mixture of […]

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How to Find and Install the Perfect Ceramic Tile appleton

Appleton is a ceramic tile applet for the Apple Mac.It’s a free download for OS X Yosemite, Lion and Mountain Lion, and comes with a variety of tile sizes, tile colors, and application support.You can learn how to use Appleton in this article.1.Install the Appleton for Mac applet.Go to and select the Applet applet […]

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‘Cantankerous’ neighbour’s complaints about a neighbour’s ‘tiresome’ cooking methods ‘can’t be ignored’

The city of Vancouver has banned a neighbour from installing her own tiresome cooking method.The city council voted Tuesday night to ban the home’s cook, a neighbour who’s a certified certified chef.The complaint against the neighbour says the neighbour’s method is “tiresomastic.”A spokeswoman for the city said the neighbour was ordered to move out of […]

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