‘The Simpsons’ will make its TV debut in October with ‘The Dark Knight’ season 4 premiere on FOX!

By Christopher A. M. DickeyCNNMoney (US) December 12, 2015 10:35PM ESTThe next season of “The Simpsons” will air in October, FOX has announced.

The animated comedy will air on the network in the fall, but only if the network can secure the rights for an exclusive television series.

It’s not clear how many episodes the upcoming season will include, but the show will be the longest-running series to debut on Fox since the “Family Guy” and “South Park” series.

Fox also confirmed that “The Dark Batman” will be its first original series.

The show, starring Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis, will also star Melissa McCarthy and David Harbour, with “Dark Knight” star Tom Hardy reprising his role as Bruce Wayne.

The upcoming season of the show has been heavily rumored since it was announced back in November.

It has been described as a “world first” for the network, as it follows the world of superheroes and crime fighting as they attempt to protect their homes from the dark forces that threaten the Earth.

The network is also planning to make its debut on the big screen with a Batman-themed animated film starring Will Arnett.

Fox is also currently developing “The Great Gatsby,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Susan Sarandon, with an initial cast that includes Emma Watson, Josh Gad, Amy Adams, Josh Brolin, Michael Keaton, Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson.

Fox has previously shown interest in “The Flash” and its spinoff “Arrow,” both of which have already been greenlit by DC Comics, as well as “The 100” and the upcoming “Teen Titans Go!”