Israel’s star ceramic tiles ‘white ceramic’

An Israeli newspaper has described a series of ceramic tiles found in a Jewish cemetery in the West Bank city of Hebron as “white ceramic”.

The Jerusalem Post, which broke the news of the tiles, said they were part of a series found in the cemetery.

The paper quoted a source who said the ceramic tiles were used in a large-scale ceremony at the cemetery and that the tiles had been used to mark the gravesites of the deceased.

The tiles were uncovered in a cemetery in Hebron’s Beit El neighborhood, the source added.

The discovery comes a day after a similar discovery in the same cemetery.

A spokeswoman for the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), which administers the cemetery, said the cemetery had been excavated in 2009 and was no longer in use.

The spokeswoman said the discovery of the ceramic tile was made to commemorate the funerals of some of the city’s Jewish residents, who were buried in the Jewish cemetery at the time of the first Palestinian uprising in the village of Qana.

The cemetery has a number of Jewish residents who have recently died, including three of the five members of the family of a deceased member of the Israel Defence Forces.

A separate group of Palestinians have recently claimed responsibility for the latest attack on the cemetery – and claimed that the group is responsible for the killing of a Palestinian man in an earlier attack.

The Palestinian group claimed the killing was carried out by a group of Israelis and “armed Palestinians”.

“It is not clear whether the group was responsible for that attack, but we believe that the Israeli attack was justified,” IAA spokeswoman Nitzan Katz said.

“We are not ruling out the possibility that other acts of violence have been committed, but it is very difficult to say whether they are related to the cemetery.”

She added that the IAA had taken action against the attackers, including launching a probe into their claims that the cemetery was being used by Palestinian terrorists.

The IAA has also opened an investigation into an earlier Palestinian attack on a cemetery that killed a number, including one of the members of a family of the slain Israeli soldier.