Ceramic tile tile shines on New York City facade

A ceramic tile tile that has been a fixture in New York for more than a century is now shining on the facade of a building on Fifth Avenue.

The tile, which was originally used in the construction of the Empire State Building in the 1920s, has been replaced with a new white ceramic tile.

The exterior of the building was also painted over.

In the summer of 2020, the building, which is a major pedestrian and commercial thoroughfare in the borough of Queens, was hit by an earthquake, which destroyed buildings and caused major damage.

The area was also evacuated and many residents are still without power.

The building was reopened in mid-September, but the tile was not replaced until this month.

The city has installed a temporary wall and concrete barriers in the area.

A spokesman for the New York State Department of Buildings said that the city will be paying $5 million to replace the ceramic tile on the building’s exterior.

It is unclear whether the city has a replacement plan in place for the building that was hit.