‘Cantankerous’ neighbour’s complaints about a neighbour’s ‘tiresome’ cooking methods ‘can’t be ignored’

The city of Vancouver has banned a neighbour from installing her own tiresome cooking method.

The city council voted Tuesday night to ban the home’s cook, a neighbour who’s a certified certified chef.

The complaint against the neighbour says the neighbour’s method is “tiresomastic.”

A spokeswoman for the city said the neighbour was ordered to move out of her home last week.

A city official said the city received complaints about the neighbour for the past two months.

The official said her method is a combination of boiling and pressure cooking.

“If you can’t do the pressure cooking, it’s not very good for cooking,” the official said.

The neighbour’s cooking method was discovered last month when she installed a cooking set in her kitchen, which she says is designed for pressure cooking and pressure ovens.

It has an oil burner that is supposed to be used in a pressure cooker.

It also uses a water pressure cooker to create a water bath in the oil burner.

The home also has a pressure oven to create steam.

The neighbourhood association is appealing the decision.

“We believe the city council was wrong to take action against this neighbour,” said Jennifer Lohmann, vice-president of the city’s Community Services Department.

“She is not a pest.

She’s a wonderful neighbour.

She is a great chef.

She just has no right to be complaining.”

The city said it will issue a letter to the neighbour, who has been living at her home for two years, on Jan. 5.

She must also vacate the home by Feb. 13.

Lohman said she can’t imagine the neighbour going back.

“It’s a nuisance.

It’s not a good neighbour.”